[AMBER] AmberTools 14

From: Dhiraj Srivastava <dhirajks.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2015 21:31:38 -0600

  I recently downloaded and compiled AmberTools 14. I don't have Amber
installed on that computer. In another computer I do have amber installed
but older version and I was interested in phosphoserine parameter so I have
to install Ambertools14 which I suppose is free.
However, I am also getting sander in this AmberTools14 which seems to be
doing calculation. I was wondering if something is wrong. If I have not
paid for amber, how can I get sander? I am new to amber so I dont know what
to expect and what not in ambertools.

thank you
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Received on Sat Jan 31 2015 - 20:00:02 PST
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