[AMBER] Info About GPU and PMEMD versions

From: Lorenzo Gontrani <lorenzo.gontrani.uniroma1.it>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 10:55:50 +0200

Dear Amber experts,
we have acquired/refurbished/set-up a computing cluster composed of
several different nodes, some of which have GPUs, that I have tried to
use with Amber12 but unsuccessfully.

The graphic cards are:

nVIDIA Fermi M2050
nVIDIA Tesla M1070

The support for these cards is different among the various version of
PMEMD, (we have access to a copy of Amber12 and one of Amber11).
Could anyone give me some advice about which PMEMD version should be run
on these GPU (if possible)? Is the information about old PMEMD versions
still available on the website?

It is a great pity to stick to simple MPI..GPU is another story.

Thanks a lot for any help!

Lorenzo G.

  Lorenzo Gontrani
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