[AMBER] Not getting solute-solvent hbond by cpptraj (AmberTools14)

From: Indrajit Deb <biky2004indra.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:57:44 +0530

Dear Amber Users,

I amm not getting any solute-solvent and bridge information. My command was
as follows.

hbond out hbond_all.dat :1-4031 angle 120 dist 3.5 series avgout
hbond_avg_all.dat printatomnum solvout hbond_solv_all.dat bridgeout

the ouput file is only writing solute-solute (UU) hbond information.

Please suggest.


Indrajit Deb
Kolkata, India.
Mob: +919239202278
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