Re: [AMBER] Error in making and running xleap

From: <>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 13:16:09 +0500


The "loacl" was a typing mistake.

I again installed amber14 (in Downloads directory) using commands
"./configure gnu" and "make install" and set the AMBERHOME to `pwd`.
The "dat" directory was not made neither the "dat text file" was made.
So I manually made a new directory named "dat" and again ran the
command "make install". The terminal showed that the installation is

make[2]: Leaving directory

Installation of AmberTools14 serial is complete at Tue Aug 26 12:55:53
PKT 2014.

make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ammarah/Downloads/amber14/AmberTools/src'
/home/ammarah/Downloads/amber14/src/Makefile not found, or -noamber was set.
This is expected if you do not have Amber14.

But again when I was trying to run xleap in the
"/Downloads/amber14/AmberTools/bin" directory via "./xleap", it gave
the following error.

-I: Adding /home/ammarah/Downloads/amber14/dat/leap/prep to search path.
/home/ammarah/Downloads/amber14/dat/leap/prep: No such file or directory

Other bin files are running. For example when I run the command
"./antechamber" it lists its usage (e.g., -i, -fi, -o, -fo etc etc)

Any suggestions please?

Quoting David A Case <>:

> On Mon, Aug 25, 2014, wrote:
>> mkdir:cannot create directory '/usr/loacl/amber14/dat/pixmap': Not a
>> directory
> If the "loacl" above is not a typo (e.g. if you used copy and paste), then
> it seems likely that this error is in your AMBERHOME variable, and you need
> correct that.
> If not, it's hard to understand how this could have happened. I'd suggest
> starting again from scratch in a fresh directory tree. Be sure you
> have write
> permissions in /usr/local/amber14.
> Check if /usr/local/amber14/dat is indeed a directory or is a text file
> with the content cited above.
> ...dac
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