[AMBER] Error in making and running xleap

From: <ammarah.ghaffar.comsats.edu.pk>
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 14:25:46 +0500

Hello everyone

I am currently working on ubuntu 12.04. I have downloaded ambertools14
to use xleap for my current project but I am getting the following
error while making xleap via "make install".

mkdir:cannot create directory '/usr/loacl/amber14/dat/pixmap': Not a directory

I get same error while running the xleap via "./xleap"

/usr/local/amber14/dat/leap/prep: NOT a directory

The system cannot make directory because "dat" in the path is not a
directory. Its a file having the following content

!! The XaLeap WCL (Widget Creation Library) resource file is
!! used by xaLeap to define widgets == windows. It is built
!! from a set of .rm4 files in src/leap/src/leap/. At runtime,
!! its location and name are specified by the XENVIRONMENT
!! variable in the 'xleap' shell script. Its name is also
!! apparently specified in xaLeapc.c by capitalizing the first
!! letter of the program name (xaLeap). However, changing the
!! name in xleap and xaLeapc.c is not sufficient to get a
!! differently-named file loaded. The reason for this remains
!! a mystery that is buried either in Wc/WcCreate.c or in
!! Xt itself.
!! ----------------------------------------------------------------
!! File: xaLeap.rm4
!! Description:
!! This file describes the xaLeap user interface.
!! It is a WCL (Widget Creation Library) resource file.
!! This is an file that contains 'm4' macros.

!! xaLeap.graphicMode: offscreen

!! Colors

!! Color mode

I am attachcing the screenshots of an error for an idea. Any help will
highly be appreciated. Thanks

Ammarah Ghaffar
Research Associate

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