[AMBER] Time information lost.

From: Domenico Marson <domenico.marson.phd.units.it>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 17:52:34 +0200

Having to deal with longer and longer simulations made of many
subsequent trajectory files, I started to combine the different files
of the same trajectory into a single big file.
To do so I'm using cpptraj (trajin*n >> trajout), but I noticed that
the "time" information of each frame (netCDF coordinate files) that
was present before the procedure is lost in the final big file. The
strange thing is that the information is not stripped or deleted,
simply every frame has the time attribute set to a number in the order
of 9.96920996839e+33 :)
Is possible to combine a muti-file simulation in a single file without
losing the "time" information?
Thank you in advance,

Domenico Marson
Ph.D. student
Molecular Simulation Engineering (MOSE) Laboratory
Department of Engineering and Architecture - DEA
University of Trieste
Via Valerio, 10
34127 - Trieste (Italy)
Phone: +39 040 5583757
Skype: domenicomars
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