Re: [AMBER] Prep file is empty

From: FyD <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 08:21:22 +0100

Dear Debostuti Ghosh Dastidar,

I think BF4 has a total charge of -1; so this is BF4(-)

You could use R.E.D. Server Dev. & R.E.D. python at:

The format of the FF library used is mol2/mol3 (and not prep): see:

You can download the R.E.D. Python job for BF4(-) I ran for you at:

The inputs I used:
(all RED Python defaults are used, but the total charge which equals -1)

The FF lib (output):

The frcmod file lists the unknown FF parameters (output); well boron
is not known...
can be easily resolved...
a frcmod.used file can be provided as input to solve that...

The leap script (output):

I hope this helps.

regards, Francois

Read more:

> I have calculated esp charges for BF4 using gaussian G09.While converting
> the log file to the prep file using antechamber, the Fluorine atoms are not
> being recognized and NEWPDB is empty. However, there was no error shown
> while running antechamber. The log file and the corresponding mol2 file are
> fine. I have tried using the -j flag but it did not help. On using -s 2 the
> following are shown
> Running: /usr/local/bin/amber12//bin/atomtype -i ANTECHAMBER_AC.AC0 -o
> Running: /usr/local/bin/amber12//bin/prepgen -i ANTECHAMBER_PREP.AC -f int
> -o BF4_ani.prep -rn "MOL" -rf molecule.res

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