[AMBER] sander's Segmentation fault

From: Saeed Nasiri <s.t.nasiri.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2013 15:06:13 +0330

Dear All

I am going to run sander for minimization, but "*Segmentation fault*" error
was printted out in the terminal. I use the following input file for
sander. I cant find the cause of error in the .out file.

Your Sincerely
S. Nasiri


  imin=1, ntpr=100, ntwx=100, maxcyc=10000,


sander -O -i mdin.in -o min1.o -p ionicbox.prmtop -c ionicbox.inpcrd -r
min1.x -x min1.nc -e min1.dat
Segmentation fault
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