Re: [AMBER] charmmlipid2amber.x: Permission denied

From: Yuan Lyu <>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 17:08:50 -0500 (EST)

Dear Ross,

Thank you for replying me! However, when I am trying to type:

>chmod +x charmmlipid2amber.x

It comes out:

chmod: changing permissions of 'charmmlipid2amber.x': Operation not permitted

It looks like the script of charmmlipid2amber.x could not be changed, but I'm confused why I've been denied? How can I convert CHARMM-GUI file to Amber format?

Best regards,

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Hi Helen,

The script needs to be set to be executable which for some reason it would
appear is not the case for your copy.


chmod +x charmmlipid2amber.x

Then try it again.

All the best

On 11/15/13 1:41 PM, "Yuan Lyu" <> wrote:

>I'm trying to comvert CHARMM-GUI output into Amber12 format with command:
>>charmmlipid2amber.x step5_assembly.pdb amber.pdb
>But it says:
>charmmlipid2amber.x: Permission denied.
>I just try to see the script, and the charmmlipid2amber.x has updated to
>v1.3, which might be the latest version. Could you please tell me why I
>was denied? Is there something wrong with my CHARMM-GUI output file? Or
>the Amber software?
>Sincerely yours,
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