[AMBER] xlf Command not found

From: mina madah <madahmina.gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 15:20:05 +0430

Dear all

I am using amber 10, I am running Amber Tutorial A1 "setting up a DNA
-Ligand System", when I use ./esp.sh floB_hf.gout , for converting
Gaussian output format to the RESP input format, I face with this error:
xlf: Command not found.
./a.out: Command not found.
I put readit.f file in amber10/src/resp/readit.f, and this is my esp.sh
xlf /usr/local/apps/amber10/src/resp/readit.f
grep "Atomic Center " $1 > a
grep "ESP Fit" $1 > b
grep "Fit " $1 > c
rm -f a b c a.out readit.o

 I would like to know, is something wrong with my manner, or other?

Any help will highly appreciated about this proble*m.*
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