Re: [AMBER] Installation problem of AmberTools of AMBER11

From: Sanjib Paul <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 18:47:47 +0530

Mr. Dac
           I also downloaded AmberTools12(using the "download
AmberTools" link at . It is AmberTools12.tar.bz2.
Then I proceed like following:
$tar xvjf AmberTools12.tar.bz2.
$cd amber12
$export AMBERHOME =/home/sanjib/
$./ --update-tree
Error: No internet access!

But I have internet access. In webpage I have
seen that patch_locs in should be changed from

patch_locs = ['',
patch_locs = ['file:///path/to/mirror/folder/',
Here I can't understand what should I do? Please help.


On 8/30/12, David A Case <> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 30, 2012, Sanjib Paul wrote:
>> I use AMBER 9. Now, I want to install
>> tools of AMBER11. I downloaded it and tried to follow the instructions
>> given in webpage. I downloaded the file bugfix.all. Then as given in
>> instruction I gave command
>> $ patch -p0 -N < bugfix.all
>> Here one line is coming
>> File to patch:
>> I can't understand what file should I give here. Once I gave file
>> 'bugfix.all'. But again that line is coming,
>> File to patch:
>> What should I do now? Please help..
> We need more details. First, what exactly did you download? You really
> should download AmberTools12 (using the "download AmberTools" link at
> We don't offer earlier versions any more, and it's
> hard
> to tell what you really mean by "tools of Amber11", or what webpage you are
> using to find instructions. (Note that one of the improvements in the
> current
> release is that bugfixes and updates are made automatically, and users
> don't
> have to do that by hand.)
> ....dac
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