[AMBER] MPI with options "-ip" and "-axSTPW"

From: kurisaki <kurisaki.ncube.human.nagoya-u.ac.jp>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 18:33:37 +0900

Dear Amber user and developers,


Would you tell me any MPI programs

whose mpicc can recognize the options, "-ip" and "-axSTPW".


I am now trying to compile Amber12 in My Linux machine

combining intel compiler and OPEN-MPI.


The serial installation worked, but the parallel one did not.


I found that our "mpicc" did not recognize the options "-ip" and "-axSTPW"

in config.h and deleted them.

Finally, I completed the compile.


Compile test went well.


However, I am really interested in the effect of the options

on the computation efficiency.


I am most grateful if you know the mpi programs with these options.


Thank you for kind help.


                                        Ikuo Kurisaki




These options are recognized by mpif90.

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