[AMBER] amber 10 nmode error.

From: xmzpzengs <xmzpzengs.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 16:26:04 +0800

dear amber:
    when I cover the statistical caculation of the complex, there is no statistics.out file and the mm_pbsa.log stop at " Reading *_rec.all.out, checking consistency of data ", and i run the mm_pbsa_statistics.pl to perform the statistics.in and the script stop at "SURFTEN/SURFOFF values are not consistent across *.all.out files".
     how could i solve this problem ? any suggestion would be appreciated!
   thank you many much !
Name:Zeng Zhi-Ping Ph.D
interest: organic phosphorus chemistry and drug design
address:Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University,
            the Key Laboratory for Chemical Biology of Fujian Province,
            Xiamen 361005, People’s Republic of China

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