Re: [AMBER] Why RMSD goes fast to 5 angstrom?

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Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 03:21:30 -0400 (EDT)


what Jason says is correct, but I doubt it is the reason for your rmsd

>> analysis, I found that the C alpha RMSD is continiously increasing and
>> finally is is up to *5 …*. The averaged RMSD for the* 0-1ns*
>> simulation, *
>> 1-6ns* simulation, *6-11ns* simulation is *2.3** …, 2.86 …, 3.89
>> …,*respectively. Attached
>> is the RMSD figures.* It seems abnormal* and could you tell me where is
>> the
>> problem.

How do you know there is a problem? The first step would be to visualize
the structure and check what kind of dynamics are happening. Do you assume
the solvated structure to be stable and close to the X-ray coordinates? If
yes, why? Does the protein have very flexible termini (check residuewise
fluctuations)? Which structural parts behave different from what you

A total rmsd of 5A is a lot for typical proteins, but unless you find the
reason for it, which could be both a mistake in simulation setup or an
underlying structural reason, it is hard to say what you should do

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Dr. Thomas Steinbrecher
formerly at the
BioMaps Institute
Rutgers University
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