Re: [AMBER] error with chamber

From: Crowley, Michael <>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 14:18:00 -0600

You probably have more than one .prm file in your directory, check that,
but better would be to not use the * and just spell out the file.

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On 4/3/12 2:15 PM, "Albert" <> wrote:
>    I've built a MD system from CHARMM-GUI and I would like to convert
>it to Amber system by chamber. Since there are many topologies involved
>for this system, and I am trying to run chamber by command:
>  chamber -cmap -top toppar/*.top -param *.prm -psf
>step5_assembly.xplor_ext.psf -crd step5_assembly.pdb -p amber.prmtop
>-inpcrd amber.inpcrd -box 90 90 120
>but chamber said:
>       Error unknown flag: par_all22_prot.prm
>probably my syntax is not correct and chamber don't know how to deal
>with multiple topology and parameter files? Does any body have any
>thank you very much
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