Re: [AMBER] Segmentation fault

From: Ben Roberts <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 09:22:06 +1300

Hi Agostino,

On 29/03/2012, at 4:33 AM, Agostino Bruno wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am writing you because I tried to parametrize a ligand using xleap. I
> parametrized a ligand in a TIP3PBOX with 1 Cl- atom (so as to neutralize the
> net charge). During the parametrization stage everything seems work well. At
> the end I obtained the ligand.prmtop, ligand.inpcrd, and ligand.pdb files.
> First of all I checked the generated fiels using vmd, and everything seems ok.
> After that I tried to minimize the ligand using Amber11, I used one processor
> and the command line:
> sander -i -o minimization.out -p prova.prmtop -c prova.inpcrd
> -ref prova.inpcrd -r mini_restrt.
> But Amber almost immediately crashed with this error message:
> Segmentation fault.

Looking at the mdout file you attached, I see that the 1-4 VDW and 1-4 electrostatic (the latter shown as 1-4 EEL) energy terms are given as "NaN", as are the RMS gradient and the total energy. This likely means one of two things. Either two atoms in a 1-4 relationship are on top of each other -- in which case the denominators in the expressions for electrostatic and van der Waals terms go to zero -- or you have bogus parameters, typically a zero value where a non-zero value is expected. Since both electrostatic and van der Waals terms are affected, I'd suspect the former.

In short, check your structure for overlapping atoms.

Hope that helps,

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