[AMBER] Error in output file

From: Aditya Padhi <adi.uoh.gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 12:32:38 +0530

Dear Amber users,
        I am using Amber 10 for my MD simulations. Whenever I submit my
script, its shows the following error
 getting new box info from bottom of inpcrd
| INFO: Old style inpcrd file read

 peek_ewald_inpcrd: SHOULD NOT BE HERE*

I have read the previous mails regarding this but not sure why the job
terminates and does not create the output file. I am using a restart file
as input with ntx=7, ntb=2. I am attaching the output file with this mail.
Kindly help in in resolving the problem.

Thanks and regards

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