Re: [AMBER] AMBER 10 serial compile problem

From: Dmitry Osolodkin <>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 23:22:01 +0300

* Jason Swails <> [Tue, 15 Mar 2011 11:09:46
> This is not very helpful when it comes to debugging. At this point, I
> would
> suggest removing your entire amber10 directory and unpacking a fresh
> copy,
> and starting from scratch. Don't forget to apply bug fixes
> 1.2
> and Amber10).
> Then document the *exact* shell commands you issued, and try
> all
> stderr/stdout streams for all configure/building steps into files that
> you
> can attach if stuff goes wrong. Also, make sure that
> echo $MKL_HOME
> returns a null string.

OK, I'll try to do it tomorrow.

> Also, like I said previously, install protocols change, and our
> configure
> script is usually updated as necessary to reflect that. When Amber10
> was
> released, these issues didn't exist. These have since been addressed
> with
> the release of Amber11, which has many more features in addition to
> being
> easier to install. It may be advantageous to upgrade.

Upgrade would be great, but unfortunately we have no access to AMBER11
and no ability to make payment from our grants. Prof. Case had kindly
provided us the free licence for AMBER10 earlier.

Kind regards,
Dmitry Osolodkin.
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