Re: [AMBER] nab problems: compile and use on different machines

From: Anselm Horn <>
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 22:51:37 +0100

Dear Jason,

thanks for your response.

I'm afraid you're right, to me it looks like the path is hard-coded into
the nab-executables. Because I don't have the right combination of
icc/ifort or gcc/gfortran for some reasons, I could not recompile nab,
even with "make nabonly".

However, I was able to manually patch the executables and libraries in a
dirty way, i.e. I used something like "sed -i -e
's./first/directory/of/amber11/@/2nd/directory/.g' ". It worked for me,
because the first directory name was longer than the second, so I could
fill up the rest of the string.

Hopefully, future revisions of nab will have a command line switch to
change the default path; (but maybe, there is already this feature, and
I haven't found it.)

I just wanted to tell the list, that there seems to be indeed a
quick-and-dirty way to "port" the nab application to a different system.

Best regards,


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