Re: [AMBER] nab problems: compile and use on different machines

From: Anselm Horn <>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 23:47:54 +0100

Dear Prof. Case,

thanks for your quick response!

> Nab is a compiler, not a stand-alone prgram. It converts your input program to C, then relies on your system compiler to convert this to machine code. Bottom line: if you don't have compilers on some machine, nab won't do you any good.

I apologize for my wrong phrasing: On the machine, where I intend to run
nab, I do not have the complete compiler suite (Fortran + C) to build
Amber11 and the AmberTools1.4 from scratch, but I do have the standard
gcc compiler installed, so that should be fine.
However, invoking nab (residing in /home/horn/amber11/...) yields the
/apps/soft/amber11/bin/ucpp: No such file or directory

This path was the directory structure from the machine where AmberTools
and Amber were compiled originally.

So I wonder whether it is possible to tell nab where to find its ucpp
preprocessor in a different environment. I tried some command line flags
of nab (-B , -std, -specs, --sysroot) but did not succeed.

Can you help me there?

Many thanks in advance!



Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

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