[AMBER] AmberTool parallel compiling error

From: Zhu, James <James.Zhu.ARS.USDA.GOV>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 13:32:35 -0500

I set AMBEERHOME to amber11 home directory and ran make clean. Then I
ran the following and cannot compiled AmberTool parallel version. How
can I fix the problem?






[jzhu.jzhu-desktop src]$ ./configure -mpi

Your AMBERHOME environment variable should be set to

Warning: the X11 libraries are not in the usual location !

    To search for them try the command: locate libXt

    On new Fedora OS's install the libXt-devel libXext-devel

    libX11-devel libICE-devel libSM-devel packages.

    On old Fedora OS's install the xorg-x11-devel package.

    On RedHat OS's install the XFree86-devel package.

    On Ubuntu OS's install the xorg-dev package.

    For the moment Amber will be configured not to build XLEaP.

Error: Architecture/compiler gcc is not supported!

    Type './configure -help' for options.



[jzhu.jzhu-desktop src]$ locate libXt
























[jzhu.jzhu-desktop src]$ make parallel

Error: config.h is of type serial, not parallel !

  Rerun ./configure with the -mpi flag.

make: *** [configured_parallel] Error 2

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