[AMBER] Residues lacking connect0/connect1 - these don't have chain types marked:

From: leila karami <karami.leila1.gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2010 12:35:47 +0330

Dear Jason Swails and Bill Ross

before, I visualized my generated .prmtop and .inpcrd files by VMD.

but this time, at first, as Bill said, I used

$AMBERHOME/exe/ambpdb -p com.prmtop < com.inpcrd > com.pdb.

when I visualize generated com.pdb file by VMD, attached figure is created.

in that water, Na+, DNA are good and normal but protein is unusual
(1- there is no connection between residues. 2- hydrogen atoms are as dot
and didn't connect to other atoms. 3- there are undesirable bonds between

I specified undesirable atoms by white squares.

for ease, I deleted waters and Na+. protein and DNA are located on the right
and left of figure, respectively.

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