[AMBER] Work Smarter, Not Harder - I will earn for you - You sit and relax.

From: Kalpesh Sharma <cmtechnical.bsnl.in>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 10:13:59 +0530

I am Kalpesh Sharma from Ahmedabad in India. I am technically skilled and also skilled at interpersonal levels. I have attached my resume for your reference and have a lot of experience working as a freelancer for home with adequate infrastructure, internet connection and facilities required to handle your company jobs. The point is to work smarter in co-operation with each other because it's possible, rather then work harder.
Can you kindly go through my attached resume and give me an opportunity to work as a home based freelancer? If you need I can arrange a team of workers also to work for your company. I can help your company save expense cost by finding people who will be ready to work from 2 USD to maximum no limit per hour in India(My home country). Company's revenue will increase that way. It will be my pleasure to work out with you.
Specialist CV/ RESUME Download Link/URL: https://lists.cacert.org/wws/arc/cacert-tverify/2010-01/msg00000/Specialist_CV.doc
Whether it's daily clerical work, data entry, online marketing, email sending campaigns, web research, customer support, customer service, technical support or any type of work that we can do here using our infrastructure and send on daily basis to you via internet or email. I am also looking for a friendly partner who would be interested in earning money. I am highly skilled and train him/her. Every business even if it is a small shop today employs a person either for data entry or clerical work or such things and if you are interested in partnering under mutual understanding then I have the staff and infrastructure. And it will be the most easiest job to convince the owner of any business because if he gets his work at 5USD per hour rather then paying 8 USD or 10 USD then he eliminates a lot of his expense which is indirectly an increase in his net profits. So, it will be very easy to convince any small shop owner or biggest business manager or director if you explain this thing in an easy to understand la
nguage as I explained here. I am ready to work as convenient to you. Let me know. You are in the country where daily expense of manpower for every individual employee is too high who is working whether at a small shop or office or a large or medium scale company. I can get all your work done around 2-5 USD. And you just need to send me the job, I will do it and send the work done on daily basis to you. Even if you work out 1-2 hours daily in your near by areas through phone or email or personally visiting the offices, and explain them properly that we can get all your work done for just half of what you are currently paying to your employees, then who the bloddy hell will say no if his/her expense is reduced to 50%. Just imagine. In beginning every work when started there are some obstacles. But trust me, once we both start working together, then after a month or two all obstacles will get removed and will do a large business within a year. Think with a long term goal in your mind. I am not joking... I am lo
oking to partner with companies and Individuals in US, UK, EU Countries, Australia and New Zealand.
Thanking you with a hope of working with you under mutual friendly and business relationship,
Kalpesh Sharma
Ahmedabad, India
Email Me: kalpesh.shubhlabhtechnologies.com OR shrishanidev.gmail.com
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