Re: [AMBER] NAB rdparm seg fault

From: case <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 12:36:36 -0400

On Wed, Jul 14, 2010, Josh Berryman wrote:

> Hello everyone. I have/had a problem with my AmberTools 1.4 install (new
> and fully patched this morning); running on 64-bit ubuntu 10.04.

> I found that rdparm (called by the nab function readparm) was segfaulting.
> Replacing all instances of "nabout" by "stdout" and recompiling seems to
> fix this; although I am sure there are sound reasons for having a special
> filepointer this is a good enough workaround for my personal use.

Can you give some details?

1. Do any of the test cases fail? If not, can you post a small program
that illustrates the problem?

2. When you say "replace all instances of nabout with stdout", in what file(s)
did you make this replacement? What prompted you to think that this change
would fix the problem?


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