[AMBER] RDF analysis of glucose made by GLYCAM problem

From: Hoshin Kim <85hskim.gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2010 10:10:30 +0900

Dear Amber specialists,

I'm trying to do simulation of solvation of glucose in water. And I tried to
run PTRAJ to calculate RDF between glucose - glucose after 4.5ns MD run
But there was a problem. First 2 peaks are too close. I think separated
glucose molecule is the one of the main reason. Because when I made the
glucose structure at GLYCAM website(structure builder), program made them
with 2 residues even though glucose is monomer.
My PTRAJ analysis input file is as follows,

trajin md_center.x (already centered file was used)
radial rdf_Glcglc 0.05 15.0 :1-16 :1-16 (I used 8 glucose molecule, but I
defined 1-16 because of 2 residues of single glucose)
radial rdf_glcwat 0.05 15.0 :WAT.O :1-16

And attached file is the result of RDF by PTRAJ in AMBER 9 package, and
XMGrace was used as plotting program
I already sent GLYCAM developer an E_mail, they said sugar molecule composed
of 2 residues is no problem to calculate RDF. They also said that "The
division of molecules into convenient residues is a very common practice,
particularly with oligomeric molecules. most software packages expect
multiple residues per molecule.

Are there someone who went through like me ? please give me an advice to
solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,


Hoshin kim.

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