Re: [AMBER] installing AmberTools 1.4 on AIX

From: Mirko Cestari <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 09:44:23 +0200 (MEST)

Dear all,
finally I managed to compile AmberTools 1.4 and Amber 11 (serial) on AIX
I'm now trying to run all the serial tests but what I get is amber exits
an 'exit code' different from zero.

For example:

$ cd $AMBERHOME/test/adenine
$ cat Run.adenin
  #!/bin/csh -f

if( ! $?TESTsander ) set TESTsander = "../../exe/sander"

... (cut)

set output = mdout.adenine

touch dummy
$DO_PARALLEL $TESTsander -O -i -o $output < dummy
echo $status

so I by-passed the goto error and I asked to print the $status of the
last executed command.
The output is:

$ 132

but the number changes if I run the sander executable in gdb or directly
in iterative

$ ../../exe/sander -O -i -o out
$ echo $?


For this particular test

$ ../dacdif out


diffing with out

  but is not always the case for other tests.

Any idea, suggestion? If you need the compilation files (config.h, etc
...) I can provide you
directly in this mailing list or privately.

Kind regards,

Dr Mirko Cestari, ph.d.
CINECA User Support

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Received on Thu Jul 01 2010 - 01:00:05 PDT
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