Re: [AMBER] Segmentation fault

From: case <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 12:31:54 -0400

On Sun, Jun 27, 2010, Jagdeesh C wrote:

> I am getting the same error with ntb=1. (Segmentation fault)
> When I set ntmin=1 or 2 the job terminates normally. (Output attached)

I can't reproduce the problem. Some ideas:

1. Go to $AMBERHOME/test/dhfr, and run the attached file "Run.dhfr.min_prcg".
That will help to see if the problem is specific to the coordinates or force
field you are using.

2. Post your input file (prmtop and coords and mdin), to see if someone else
can reproduce the error.

3. Say (again?) what compiler, compiler version and OS you are using.


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