[AMBER] picky nab compiler: is this really necessary?

From: M. L. Dodson <activesitedynamics.comcast.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 14:32:26 -0500

Hello everyone,

Here is my implicit rule for making nab files into object files (gmake syntax,

        $(NAB) -c $(NABFLAGS) $< -o $. && /bin/rm -f $(<:.nab=.c)

And here is what I get when I apply it:

[mldodson.thymine:186] % make
nab -c -O3 driver.nab -o driver.o && /bin/rm -f driver.c
nab: only 1 of -c or -o can be used
make: *** [driver.o] Error 1

My question is whether the nab compiler has always been so picky in its command line
syntax? I don't remember it being so, but then I don't remember ever explicitly
testing it. If this is new, put me down as voting against keeping these semantics
in the next version. It makes nab rules different from, e.g., fortran and c where
this syntax is allowed, i.e., it violates POLA. Plus, without too much thinking, I
came up with situations where it could be a detriment (e.g, you want to put the
object file somewhere other than in the same directory as the source file).

Thanks for listening to my whinging, and a reply to the list is not necessary.

Bud Dodson
M. L. Dodson
Business email: activesitedynamics-at-comcast-dot-net
Personal email: mldodson-at-comcast-dot-net
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