RE: [AMBER] Confirm compiling Amber10/Tools1.3 breaks with intel v 11.1?

From: Ross Walker <>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 22:48:30 -0700

Hi Trevor,

Intel's latest compiler 11.1.069 is hopelessly broken. We have some
workarounds in the current AMBER 11 tree but back porting it to AMBER 10
would be quite some work. I would suggest going back to 11.1.064 or earlier
for the time being and wait until 11.1.069 gets superseded by something that
Intel will have hopefully 'silently' fixed.

All the best

FYI the following describes how to obtain earlier version of the Intel

------- TERMINOLOGY ----------
Intel has changed its terminology. Since x86_64 was
probably trademarked by AMD I guess. It is now as follows:

Current Name | Historical Names
IA-32 | x86, i386, i686 etc.
Intel 64 | x86_64, em64t
IA-64 | Itanium, Itanium2, Itanic etc.

The 'majority' of you will want 'Intel 64'.

Obtaining 'other' Intel compiler versions:

Starting from

Register for an Intel Network Account. Click New Registration below login
box on the right.

Register with email address and password of your choice.

Then go to:

Enter the serial number for your Intel Compiler and the same email you
registered with above. You can find the serial number on the license file.

ls /opt/licenses/


Click 'Register Product'

Fill in Name, Company etc. Click Submit.

Next go to:

Click 'Registered Users Login'

Under Produce Subscription Information Click: IntelR Compiler Suite
Professional Edition for Linux*

Under " IntelR Fortran Compiler Professional Edition for Linux*" Click
'Download Files'

At the bottom of the page look for:

"Select other packages from the dropdown menu:"

Here you can use the drop down boxes to select different versions 11.1,
11.0, 10.1 etc and also the update version Update 5, Update 4, Update 3,
056, 046, 038 etc etc.

Good luck,

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> Hey everyone, I'm getting no luck compiling with the newest
> intel compilers. Everything but pmemd compiles but all of the tests
> for the othe r programs fail somewhere. Pmemd complains about a
> global variable not havi ng an explicit type in pme_setup.fpp. I'm
> just assuming to avoid v1=.1
> for now? I was successfully (I think) able to change the config
> files t=
> properly link to the MKL, but perhaps v11.1 does work and the error
> is in my linking.
> Trevor
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