[AMBER] nab installation

From: Lixia Jin Day <ljin12.asu.edu>
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 10:32:37 -0700

I downloaded the nab-5.1.2 a year ago. Now I installed it on my windowsXP
under cygwin. I installed it successfully and it passed the test. However,
when I run a program it always fails with the following information:

$nab -v program_1.nab
cpp cmd: /bin/ucpp -l -I/include program_1.nab
nab2c cmd: /bin/nab2c -nfname program_1.nab
cc cmd: gcc -I/include program_1.c /lib/libnab.a /lib/libcym.a
/lib/lapack.a /lib/blas.a /lib/f2c.a 0lm
gcc: /lib/libsym.a: No such file or directory
cc failed!

Since I copied the message by hand, please ignore any typo. The error
message is the 5th line: gcc: /lib/libsym.a: No such file or directory.
But I checked the file IS there.
I checked the setting of NABHOME and it was right, as well the PATH. I did
rehash too.

Do anyone has any clue?Thank you very much!

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