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Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:19:32 +0100

Hi Bill,

> 1- I am interesting in studying the hydroxyle proton behaviour of one
> compound, So I will use QM/MM WITHOUT shake (i.e. qmshake=0), in this
> case, should I swithoff shake for MM part (i.e. NTC), in other words, is
> it possible to use shake for MM part and no shake for QM/MM part?

I would keep SHAKE on the MM part switched on. It is not uncommon to
remove SHAKE constraints from only a small part of your system and I guess
thats what qmshake is for.

> 2- In case, yes it is possible, should I set detection time (dt) to 0.001
> or 0.002?

I personally would say that removing SHAKE from only a few bonds should
still allow you to run with a delta-t of 0.002. The energy lost/introduced
should be small enough to be compensated by the surroundings or
thermostate. But make sure to check that by comparing runs with dt=0.001
and 0.002. Of course some other constraint in your system may still
require you to use 0.001 for sufficient accuracy...


Dr. Thomas Steinbrecher
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