Re: AMBER: Differentiating the force constant of distance restraints

From: Germain Vallverdu <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 11:07:07 +0200


In your DISANG file you have to write one &rst namelist for each
distance on which you want to put a restraint :

# potentiel symetrique centre autour de tors=10
&rst iat=21,22,24,25,r1=-360.0, r2=10, r3=10, r4=360.0,
rk2=10.0, rk3=10.0, /
&rst iat=21,22,24,33,r1=-360.0, r2= 190, r3= 190, r4=360.0,
rk2=10.0, rk3=10.0, /
&rst iat=20,21,22,24,r1=-360.0, r2=0.0, r3=0.0, r4=360.0,
rk2=20.0, rk3=20.0, /
&rst iat=36,21,22,24,r1=-360.0, r2=180.0, r3=180.0, r4=360.0,
rk2=20.0, rk3=20.0, /
&rst iat=36,20,21,22,r1=-360.0, r2=180.0, r3=180.0, r4=360.0,
rk2=40.0, rk3=40.0, /
&rst iat=33,25,24,22,r1=-360.0, r2=180.0, r3=180.0, r4=360.0,
rk2=40.0, rk3=40.0, /

This is for dihedrals but it is the same for distance with only to
numbers for iat.


Francesca Poletti a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I have a file, created with the tool makeDIST_RST, containing 3
> distance restraints between 3 couple of atoms, but the indication of
> rk2 and rk3 is present only for the first one. Is it possible to apply
> different force constants for the other 2 restraints? and in this
> case, it is sufficient to add the rk2 and rk3 values to the other rows
> or I have to modify this file in a different way?
> thanks,
> Francesca

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