AMBER: Pre-ABMER Installation Prob w/ MPICH2

From: Joseph Maxwell <>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 11:55:18 -0800

Not quite a direct AMBER question but posting in order to expedite AMBER installation Attempting to installmpich2-1.0.6 as a prerequisite to amber installation on an Octane O/S 6.5.26 Dual CPUFollowed instruction set provided with packageInstructions executed ==> tar xfz mpich2.tar.gz cd mpich2-1.0.6 mkdir /usr/local/mpich2-install ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mpich2-install |& tee c.txt<==Installation broke early at ./configure stepOutput from config summary ==>machine2 6% cat c.txtConfiguring MPICH2 version 1.0.6 with '--prefix=/usr/local/mpich2-install'Running on system: IRIX64 machine2 6.5 01080747 IP30Executing mpich2prereq in /usr/local/mpich2-1.0.6p1/src/mpid/ch3 with Executing mpich2prereq in /usr/local/mpich2-1.0.6p1/src/mpid/ch3/channels/socksourcing /usr/local/mpich2-1.0.6p1/src/pm/mpd/mpich2prereqsourcing /usr/local/mpich2-1.0.6p1/src/pm/mpd/setup_pmchecking for gcc... gccchecking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executablesSee `config.log' for more details.machine2 7% machine2 7% <==Log fileCould post whole file if needed, but I think these should sufficeconfig.log (extracts)===================== $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mpich2-install## --------- #### Platform. #### --------- ##hostname = machine2uname -m = IP30uname -r = 6.5uname -s = IRIX64uname -v = 01080747/usr/bin/uname -p = mips/bin/uname -X = unknown/bin/arch = unknown/usr/bin/arch -k = unknown/usr/convex/getsysinfo = unknownhostinfo = unknown/bin/machine = unknown/usr/bin/oslevel = unknown/bin/universe = unknown.........## ----------- #### Core tests. #### ----------- ##configure:3027: checking for gccconfigure:3043: found /usr/freeware/bin/gccconfigure:3053: result: gccconfigure:3297: checking for C compiler versionconfigure:3300: gcc --version </dev/null >&5gcc (GCC) 3.3Copyright (C) 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NOwarranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.configure:3303: $? = 0configure:3305: gcc -v </dev/null >&5Reading specs from /usr/freeware/lib/gcc-lib/mips-sgi-irix6.5/3.3/specsConfigured with: ../configure --prefix=/usr/freeware --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs --disable-shared --enable-threads --enable-haifa --enable-libgcj --disable-c-mbcharThread model: singlegcc version 3.3configure:3308: $? = 0configure:3310: gcc -V </dev/null >&5gcc: `-V' option must have argumentconfigure:3313: $? = 1configure:3336: checking for C compiler default output file nameconfigure:3339: gcc conftest.c >&5gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or directoryconfigure:3342: $? = 1configure: failed program was:| /* confdefs.h. */|.........Hope someone might have a handle on what is going on here
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Received on Sun Nov 25 2007 - 06:07:25 PST
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