AMBER: configure question

From: Steve Young <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 11:52:48 -0400

Hi all,
        I have only recently been on the mailing list since I had some issues
with getting amber9 to compile correctly. The whole time working through
my issues I couldn't help but ask myself why isn't there a ./configure
script for this just like most of all the other open source applications
out there. It seems like having a normal ./configure script that can
help to sort out compile issues and to set up the environment properly
could go a long ways in helping many people to compile this software
properly. Especially when it can inform the person of potential problems
instead of having to post compile errors to the amber listserv to get
help from. I haven't been on this list very long but I'd think you would
get a lot of questions on this list related to compile issues which you
consistently need to answer over and over again. Things that a
good ./configure script could remedy for you. Just curious,


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