Re: AMBER: Problem about prepare the model when running antechamber

From: Liang, Lei <>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2007 16:02:04 -0500

Thank you very much for the reply and advices!

> This is way beyond the capabilities of antechamber and even if you could
> modify it to work your chances of obtaining a decent set of charges and
> parameters is close to nil. You should read up on the RESP method for
> calculating charges so that you are familiar with it and more importantly
> with it's limitations. Such grid based methods never do well with buried
> atoms and in your case with 1125 atoms I suspect a large number of them are
> buried and so will likely be assigned non-realistic charges. Add to this the
> fact that you need to run QM calculations on this entire system and you
> should start to see the problem.
> I strongly urge you to search the literature for previous work on collagen
> models, then look at carefully parameterizing this system, including
> breaking it down into manageable (and meaningful) chunks and then manually
> assigning atom types and developing suitable parameters yourself.
> This will require a considerable amount of effort but unfortunately there is
> no magic bullet in this field.
> Good luck.
> Ross
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