Re: AMBER: Solvent models

From: FyD <>
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 10:14:20 +0200

Quoting Francesco Pietra <>:

> Thanks. As soon as I have Amber installed (I am
> waiting for the CD rom) I'll try to make use of these
> solvents. I assume that the web page for these
> solvents will be available for any updating.

- Check in R.E.DD.B. you will
find more solvent models (in particular with single or two
conformation RESP/ESP fits; also different RESP fitting approaches).

- You can also generate your own solvent model (for instance, using
R.E.D.-III compare it to what is
found in R.E.DD.B., criticize what is already available, and resubmit
in R.E.DD.B. your own solvent model to improve what is done. See FAQ 5
paragraph -5.3.6- c)

- With RED-III you can generate charge values & force field topology
database to the Tripos moL2 file format (force field library precursor
of OFF LEaP library) for a bunch of molecules using a single RED-III
execution. See the tutorial
and in particular the Job nb 12 .

regards, Francois

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