Re: AMBER: Error - must define AMBERHOME environment variable

From: bertrand russell <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 14:33:56 +0530

Sorry for not attached the failure messages and my environmental variables.
I am herewith attaching the above mentioned. Sorry for the inconvenience...

On 3/26/07, bertrand russell <> wrote:
> Dear Mr.Ross,
> Thnak you very much for your suggestion. As you
> suggested, I issued only "make" in the test drectory instead of "make
> test.serial". Testing completed successfully with some possible failures.
> I am herewith attaching a file containing those failures. Could you tell me
> will those be serious problems in future? Sorry for bothering you again. One
> thing I would like to know, How this "make" command worked fine but not the
> "make test.serial"?
> Many thanks in advance.

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