AMBER: solvent accessible surface area (SASA)

From: Esther Brugger <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 10:38:55 -0800 (PST)

Dear Everyone,
 I am trying to calculate the "solvent accessible surface area (SASA)" of a molecule through a trajectory file obtained by MD simulation (AMBER8). I removed the water molecules (TIP3P model) and counter ions from the systym by using Ptraj. I have some problems to do the calculation of SASA.
 (1) I checked the archive file for the discussion, it seems "molsurf" program can calculate SASA if I put the proble radius at zero, is it correct? But it need pqrfile, I really don't know how I can get this file. And is it possible to calculate SASA by mdcrd trajectory file in molsurf?
 (2) Someone suggested to use the software (SURFace) in Honig Lab, but I found it needs the pdb file for the calculations. Is there someone know how to convert the trajactory (mdcrd) file to pdb file for each of the frame?
 (3) I also found somebody suggested to usd the software "naccess", but I met some problems to decrypt the file, because I didn't find the commands "crypt/des/mcrypt" in my Linux system. Dose someone could give me some suggestions about that?
 Sorry, I post a lot of questions, I really wish someone could help me to solve these problelms,
 Thanks for your any help!

Esther B.

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