AMBER: Problem with bcc flag of antechamber..continued

From: Gobind Bisht <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 22:38:45 +0530

Hi ,
 sry i forgot to mention that i tried compiling with g95 but it was giving
errors like g95:command not recognised. Whereas if i compiled a self
written fortran code by g95 it wuld recognise he command. So i installed all
the intel cpp (l_cc_p_9.1.038.tar),fortran(l_fc_p_9.1.032.tar) compilers and
MKL(l_mkl_p_8.0.2.004) seperately. AMBER got compiled and installed but
while installing leap showed the error whose error log i have already sent
to you.
Please help..
thanx a lot
Gobind Singh Bisht
Btech II yr, Department Of Biotechnology
IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur-721302
West Bengal,
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