Re: AMBER: AMBER mdcrd file bigger than 2GB

From: snoze pa <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 19:04:53 -0400

I try to compile AMBER in FC4 and FC5 using latest kernel but still I am
unable to read my mdcrd file! which is bigger than 2GB. I used all
options from amber mailing list but still no luck. Any idea how to read the

 Has anybody managed to compile a version of Amber 6 for Redhat Linux 7.1
> (Kernel 2.4.3) that successfully supports large files > 2GB on an i386
> machine? Currently the maximum size of an MDCRD file under 32 bit linux
> is limited to 2 GB because of the 32 bit file structure, 64 bit emulated
> versions are now available in Kernel 2.4.x but I can only find
> instructions for C compilation, nothing for fortran 77.
> If anybody has got it working for e.g writing a 6GB MDCRD file could
> they please let me know what options they used, what they changed and
> what compilers were used etc.

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