Re: AMBER: Announcement: Amber 9 is now available

From: David E. Konerding <>
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 08:38:06 -0800

David A. Case wrote:
> The Amber development team is pleased to announce the release of Amber 9.
> This is a major update from version 8, which was released in March of 2004.
> The main changes involve updated force fields and new QM/MM capability, but
> there are other enhancements and speedups as well.
> For information on what is new, and how to obtain Amber, please visit our web
> site:

Congratulations on another AMBER release!

I was pleased to see that AMBER now supports netcdf formatted trajectory

I would like to add netcdf trajectory format support to UCSF Chimera, so
a pointer to the binary file format documentation would be very useful.
I didn't see it in the manual.

Have you guys given thought to using netcdf or HDF5 for prmtop files as
well as trajectories? This would eliminate the need for custom
parsers of the prmtop file format, and would produce much smaller prmtop

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