AMBER:molsurf: molsurf.c:1057: is_buried: Assertion `sarg1 >= 0.0' failed

From: snowyowls <>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 15:18:02 +0800

dear all amber users:
I run a MM_PBSA caculation and failed
system tell me that
molsurf: molsurf.c:1057: is_buried: Assertion `sarg1 >= 0.0' failed
I have search this message in maillist archive
and found tow mails about this problem
i followed one of them to Changing from xvertex[4] to xvertex[3] on lines
6007 and 6012 of molsurf.c
and recompiled

but problem is still there

and some one suggest me to download bugfix and recompil my amber
but i know i have do it last Xams

who knows what happend and how to fix it ?
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Received on Sun Mar 12 2006 - 06:10:14 PST
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