Re: AMBER: leap segmentation fault-bugfix1 didn't work

From: Kateryna Miroshnychenko <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 11:06:45 +0300

  Sorry, it's my fault. It has nothing to do with unbonded atoms and
  bugfix1. The problem arise when trying to save pdb or prmtop of unit
  containing an atom that doesn't belong to any residue. I should
  read page 36 of manual with more attention probably. Though it would
  be good if program gave some warnings before crash in this case.

> When saving pdb or prmtop of unit containing unbonded hydrogen atom
> in xleap I get the segmentation fault error. I'm using AMBER8 under RH
> Linux 9.0 and I've applied bugfix 1 and recompiled AMBER. Use of
> the unmodified Bondi GB radii (set default PBradii bondi) didn't
> help either. It looks like the problem is in somthing else... Or I
> misunderstand something...
> Katya

 Kateryna Miroshnychenko
post-graduate student
Department of Biological Physics,
Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics,
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Kharkiv, Ukraine

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