AMBER: modeller

From: Zhang Bing <>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 12:53:13 +0800


Thank you very much for signing the license agreement for the MODELLER
program. The MODELLER key for both versions 7v7 and 8v0 is MODELIRANJE.
This needs to be given to the MODELLER installer when requested, or
assigned to the KEY_MODELLER7v7 or KEY_MODELLER8v0 environment variable
if installing manually (e.g., 'setenv KEY_MODELLER8v0 MODELIRANJE').


Modeller caretaker, on behalf of Andrej Sali

Andrej Sali, Professor
Departments of Biopharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Chemistry,
and California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research Mission
Bay Genentech Hall 600 16th Street, Suite N472D University of
California, San Francisco San Francisco, CA 94143-2240 (CA 94107 for
direct delivery by courier) Tel +1 (415) 514-4227; Fax +1 (415) 514-4231
Tel Assistant +1 (415)514-4228; Lab +1 (415) 514-4232,  4233, 4239 Email; Web
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