Re: AMBER: How can I read parm99.dat file?

From: Myunggi Yi <>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 10:14:04 -0400

Let me ask one more question. I want to make sure.

In the parm file, is "IM" data for Cl-(Chloride ion)?
Cl is for Cl(Cholorine)?

Am I right?

Bill Ross wrote:

>For an unbonded ion, only mass and vdw params need to be defined.
>Apparently both are done for I, and the mass line includes a
>value for polarizability. The main issue with the parameters
>is whether the vdw part is right. Given that there are bond and
>angle parameters, the vdw was presumably set for a covalently
>bonded I rather than I-, so this value would need to be
>overridden with a frcmod entry.
>It may not make much difference whether you use Cl- or I- if
>the ions are in water.
>Some discussion of radii (see 'IONIC RADIUS'):
>And a graph of ionic radii:
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