Re: AMBER: igb10 vlimit exceeded

From: Ray Luo <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 08:52:50 -0800

Wells, David H wrote:

> Web Bug from MailScannerWebBug
> I’m trying to simulate a small organic solute in DMSO (83 molecules)
> with igb=10. Previously there was trouble with solvent “penetrating”
> the solute, apparently due to the way the non-bonded list is generated
> in igb=10. That can be gotten around, but now simulations more than 20
> ps are blowing up. The RESTRAINT energy ramps rapidly, vlimits start
> to be breached, and eventually temperature rises rapidly and solvent
> molecules are forcibly ejected from the “cap” (even with FCAP=1000.0).
> Changing igb=10 to igb=0 eliminates the problem.
> Are the FCAP restraints only applied on atoms with indexes > NATCAP ?
> Any further insights would be appreciated.
> Many thanks, Dave

We have never tested igb=10 with organic solvents, so whatever you see
is all very new to us. I'll be happy to debug it for your simulations.


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