RE: AMBER: tleap load pdb file

From: xiaowen <>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 14:58:39 -0600 (CST)

Hello, Mike,

How are you?
Could you provide me some details about the specs of the NSFCHEM, operating
system and version, and the compilers versions? I need to provide those to
AMBERs. Thanks a lot!

Here is their questions:

> One option may be that it is either a leap bug or a compiler bug... Which it
> is I am not sure at the moment. I will need a lot information to work out
> what the problem is. Can you please send me all of the specs of your
> machine, operating system and version. Amber version + which bug fixes have
> been applied. Compiler and version? E.g. xlf for fortran. Note xleap is
> written in c so I need to know the c compiler and version as well. Is it
> xlc?

Best regards!


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Received on Mon Feb 07 2005 - 21:53:01 PST
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