RE: AMBER: Redhat Enterprise Linux

From: Andrew Box <>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005 23:37:55 +0000

>Has anyone tried to use AMBER 7 or 8 with Redhat Enterprise Linux? The
>packages compiled with no error messages. The SANDER module, however,
>doesn't operate. The program seems to start but none of the outfiles are
>created. I had both packages working fine on Linux Redhat 9.0. Any

I am running Amber 7 on Redhat Enterprise 3.

I found most of the problems were due to compilation problem as a result of
only having 'make' as the only make file. Once i included 'imake' the
problems dissapeard (but most of those error were concerned with the running
of xleap). The problem could be in the setup of you bash files.
Your bash_profile should look something like this, you should be ok:



In Redhat 9.0 they used the 'set' command, but have changed the way you use
it in Redhat Enterprise.

Hope this helps.


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