AMBER: replica exchange trouble with unit 6

From: Yuuki Komata <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 23:39:03 +0900

Hello ambers,

   I am trying replica exchange (Multisander REM) with amber8 on SunOS 5.9.
I succeeded to install with command 'make parallel' with adding '-DREM' to
AMBERBUILDFLAGS. Installation was all O.K.

  But when I downloaded the Replica exchange test suits from AMBER web
to test the program, it aborts with core and message;

       WorldRank = 5
        NodeID = 1

        WorldRank = 7
        NodeID = 1

        WorldRank = 1
        NodeID = 1

        WorldRank = 3
        NodeID = 1

  Unit 6 Error on OPEN: ./rem.out.000

     Total processors = 8
     Number of groups = 4

     Looping over processors:
        WorldRank is the global PE rank
        NodeID is the local PE rank in current group

        Group = 0
        WorldRank = 0
        NodeID = 0

Fatal error, aborting.

  Unit 6 Error on OPEN: ./rem.out.003

        Group = 3
        WorldRank = 6
        NodeID = 0

Fatal error, aborting.
Job cre.2427 on shikotsu-sv: received signal ABRT.
  ./Run.rem: Program error

This problem was just the same as Mrs. Jordi Rodrigo and Mrs. Gilles Marcou
experienced on Jan 17, 2005 on IBM SP4/AIX. It seemes to solved modifying
mdread.f and mdfil.f, but it made no sence for my SunOS.

  I checked all the comments for Mrs. Jordi Rodrigo and Mrs. Gilles Marcou case
and found all of them could not solve my problem. I want to know what is the
problem. I'd like any suggestion.

Yuuki Komata
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