AMBER: IGB parameter

From: Javier Perez Miron <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 18:09:38 +0100

Hello amber users,

 I would like to know the meaning of IGB parameter.
 This parameter is used in MM/GBSA calculations.
 We have four options for this parameter in

 Tsui's GB (1)
 Onufriev's GB (2),
 Jayaram's et al. GB (3)
 Jayaram's et al. MGB (4).

 Where could I find some information about them?



Javier Perez

Grup de Química Orgànica Estructural
Departament de Química
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra-Espanya
Lab.: C7-455
Tel.: +34 935811266

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